We love to collaborate and work with people with the same creative vision and dreams. We are also constantly planning our future seasons and looking for home-grown Singapore talents.
To get in touch with us, please email your resume to careers@dreamacademy.com.sg


Marketing and Brand Manager

We are looking for a mid-senior level marketing and brand manager to be part of Dream Team reporting directly to the executive producers. As this is an extremely critical role for the company, with the successful “Dream Hire” forming part of the company’s management team, it requires a mature, hardworking, independent, astute, results-driven person, who has strong business acumen, is a meticulous planner, as well as an excellent project manager, but who is also flexible and can execute or modify plans on time and within budget, always with the aim of maximising profits, audience engagement and brand equity for the company.

The Dream Hire must be:

  • Passionate about the arts, theatre and live entertainment, and should preferably be a fan of Dream Academy’s shows or live local comedy theatre shows;
  • able to communicate verbally and in writing well and effectively, possess a good command of the (British) English language, and have excellent inter-personal, time and people management and organisational skills;
  • a specialist, with a minimum of 5 years relevant experience, preferably in branding and marketing of ticketed theatre or live entertainment shows in Singapore, or similar industry. Candidates who have the relevant experience and expertise but in an unrelated industry, will be considered only if they demonstrate a minimum standard of industry and Dream Academy specific knowledge, with well thought out and researched answers during their interview process.
  • able to hit the ground running to conceive, implement and execute end to end or 360 marketing and branding strategies and plans for all of Dream Academy’s shows and businesses almost immediately and therefore must be willing to overcome the initial steep learning curve by being extremely proactive and exercising initiative;
  • an expert and possess up to date and in-depth knowledge and experience in creating, conceptualising, designing, executing and tracking the performance of both new and traditional media marketing campaigns, with a greater emphasis on new media which includes, the internet, social media, mobile and be well versed and keeps up to date with and being able to employ any new or existing digital media advertising platforms, where appropriate;
  • proactive, extremely creative and be able to think strategically and execute short to long term plans to maximise profits, build brand equity and engage our existing customer base and attract new customers, audiences and fans;
  • able to formulate all plans and strategies, and exercise sound business judgement, based on in depth insights and analysis of real time and historical data collected, and accurately identified target audiences;
  • responsible for collecting, oraganising, archiving and segmenting all data especially marketing data, campaign performance, conversions, digital marketing metrics, and marketing and publicity collaterals (offline and online) in a comprehensive and intuitively easy to find manner;
  • able to adapt, and adopt new marketing tactics quickly, and be flexible to cater and alter plans, depending on script changes or market demands, with the aim always of maximising profit and maintaining brand consistency for the company;
  • able to work alone, with, or effectively managing, internal and external teams of varying sizes, depending on budget allocation;
  • able to work well with others under pressure, in a fast-paced environment, but by still being respectful, demonstrating integrity, a positive attitude, and a good sense of humour; and
  • willing and able to work long, unsociable hours, even on the weekends, in line with the demands of the job, especially during production period.

The Dream Hire will be expected to excel and be measured against revenue or profit targets, audience engagement, and an increase in brand equity as shown by appropriate brand partnerships and sponsorships.


We are constantly looking for comedic writers.  If you have a great sense of humour, with a satirical eye on local issues and observations on Singapore, are able to work independently or as a member of a creative team, in a fast paced environment, and if you are willing to “go the extra mile” under tight deadlines; we welcome you to apply for the position as a freelance writer.  The job will be on a project basis and we would be most grateful if applicants can submit a short sample of your writing, for our consideration.

Please do not send complete scripts or screenplays. Please also note that any material submitted by you is subject to our Ideas Submission Policy below. Please also note that any material submitted by you is subject to our Ideas Submission Policy.

Ideas Submission Policy

Dream Academy is constantly developing new creative concepts, scripts and ideas. The purpose of this policy is to avoid any potential disputes or misunderstandings when Dream Academy’s creative works might appear similar or identical to works submitted to us.

Dream Academy and its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited works, materials or ideas, including scripts, storyboards, treatments, concepts or artwork (“Material”). Therefore, please do not submit any unsolicited Material to Dream Academy.

If you choose to submit Material, you understand that the following terms will apply to your submission, regardless of what terms you may choose to incorporate with your submission:

(1) Dream Academy will regard the Material as non-confidential and non-proprietary. We may use, disclose or redistribute the Material without restriction or compensation to you; (2) Dream Academy has no obligation to you or your submission of Material, including without limitation, any obligation to acknowledge receipt, read, or return the Material; (3) Dream Academy accepts no duty of care to you with regards to the Material. We accept no liability for any loss or damage to the Material sent by you.