We love to collaborate and work with people with the same creative vision and dreams. We are also constantly planning our future seasons and looking for home-grown Singapore talents.
To get in touch with us, please email your resume to careers@dreamacademy.com.sg


Multimedia creation

Reporting to the Sales, Marketing and PR manager, the role requires an extremely creative, energetic, enthusiastic, and versatile person who has the love for theatre, music and other live performances and will primarily cover Dream Academy’s main business, and preferably The Henderson Project as well.

Working closely with the Social Media & PR team, the candidate is expected to

  • Conceptualize ideas for videos and images. Videos should include a storyboard and script for approval.
  • Create a timeline for filming or photography. It should consist of when the video or image will be filmed or taken, when it will be edited, when it will be ready for approval and eventually public release.
  • Shoot, produce and edit all photos and videos required by Dream Academy, including corporate or brand showreels, Dream Academy’s Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube) to ultimately create buzz and drive sales
  • Operates and maintains all cameras, audio and video recording equipment that is the property of Dream Academy
  • Apply the final design and hero artwork for all productions by Dream Academy to all publicity, marketing and communication materials required by Dream Academy (both offline and online), including Electronic Direct Mailers, website banners, digital marketing materials or publicity for various website and social media platforms
  • Additional Projects & Tasks include
    • At the request of team members, edit and upload images and videos.
    • Recce and acquire locations for filming.
    • Research current trending topics for brainstorming and content creation.
    • Plan and prepare equipment such as laptops, drives and card readers for storage.
    • Backup important production data


We are constantly looking for comedic writers.  If you have a great sense of humour, with a satirical eye on local issues and observations on Singapore, are able to work independently or as a member of a creative team, in a fast paced environment, and if you are willing to “go the extra mile” under tight deadlines; we welcome you to apply for the position as a freelance writer.  The job will be on a project basis and we would be most grateful if applicants can submit a short sample of your writing, for our consideration.

Please do not send complete scripts or screenplays. Please also note that any material submitted by you is subject to our Ideas Submission Policy below. Please also note that any material submitted by you is subject to our Ideas Submission Policy.

Ideas Submission Policy

Dream Academy is constantly developing new creative concepts, scripts and ideas. The purpose of this policy is to avoid any potential disputes or misunderstandings when Dream Academy’s creative works might appear similar or identical to works submitted to us.

Dream Academy and its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited works, materials or ideas, including scripts, storyboards, treatments, concepts or artwork (“Material”). Therefore, please do not submit any unsolicited Material to Dream Academy.

If you choose to submit Material, you understand that the following terms will apply to your submission, regardless of what terms you may choose to incorporate with your submission:

(1) Dream Academy will regard the Material as non-confidential and non-proprietary. We may use, disclose or redistribute the Material without restriction or compensation to you; (2) Dream Academy has no obligation to you or your submission of Material, including without limitation, any obligation to acknowledge receipt, read, or return the Material; (3) Dream Academy accepts no duty of care to you with regards to the Material. We accept no liability for any loss or damage to the Material sent by you.